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Vikan – hygienic cleaning tools for food facility

As Suze Orman quotes “Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision”, Vikan promotes the same. The word “Cleanliness” generates a sense of freshness in one’s mind but no matter how much you clean your space, be it house, clinic, office or any other environment, some inconspicuous area will be a lot dirtier than you had thought. Let’s take a traditional fruit basket as an example. You look at it every day and usually don’t think much about its cleanliness. However, cleaning such hard-to-reach areas doesn’t have to be turned into a huge project. Vikan is here to save your time and energy.

Vikan is a Denmark based company that manufactures a wide range of cleaning products, especially for the food facility. It is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry and other hygiene-sensitive environments. June Enterprise is an authorized distributor of VIKAN in India. The range includes hygiene, transport, microfibre, ultra-safe technology and classic range for a long list of applications. With offering a multitudinous range of cleaning products, Vikan also caters to different range of designs and color codes.

One of the basic and main cleaning products used for any environment is cleaning brushes. They use bristles, wires, or other fibre to scrub, dust, and remove deposits from objects and surfaces. Cleaning brushes are mainly used to scrub and clean kitchens, bathrooms and clinics to sweep away dust and fine particles, remove metal, paint, and residue from equipment. Toilet brushes and scrubs are good for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Vikan manufactures every brush integrated with keeping any space clean, from floor brush through washing brush to detail brush for small to large areas.

Following are “SUPER 6” characteristics Vikan provides:

  1. A complete brush package with 12 different colors for different brushes, making it easier to segregate between the interchangeability among the departments.
  2. The correct brush with 300 ergonomic designs that suit every cleaning requirement for each application.
  3. FDA Approved material to suit FSSAI requirement.
  4. Use of virgin PP for great chemical compatibility and thermal stability which gives the brushes better cleaning abilities.
  5. Robot manufacturing that gives you a consistent quality with designed strength.
  6. The brush is manufactured with steadfast PP that avoids penetration of food particles from into the structure of the brush, subsequently avoiding microbial growth in the structure.

Vikan manufactures the widest spectrum of cleaning products for food facility you can rely on regarding your daily cleaning routine. We at June Enterprises, supply high-quality Hygiene & Cleaning Products to our customers across the nation. Our range of cleanroom services also includes food facility and so we assure you the best-in-class food facility products manufactured by Vikan.

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