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Jeclin – The Cleanroom Reusable Garments

Cleanroom garment in the world of pharmacy acts as the most essential product amongst all as it manages the health and safety of the operator.
It is said, ‘The Expert in anything was always a beginner’.

June Enterprises began its journey of becoming an expert in the pharmaceutical industry during the year 2013. From supplying a broad array of pharmaceuticals products, we take a step forward by manufacturing our own first cleanroom reusable garment – JECLIN.

What is JECLIN?

JECLIN Garment is the cleanroom product developed with the objective to provide protection with comfort. The integrity of using reusable cleanroom garments is that it ensures to be a more cost effective option in terms of good quality cleanliness standards.

JECLIN is designed and manufactured from light-weighted, non-lining monofilament polyester material which is suitable for either a sterile or non-sterile cleanroom environment. JECLIN provides an overall head-to-toe coverage solution combine range, coverall, overboots and a bag.

Given below, are the specifications regarding the JECLIN garment and its significance which makes it different from other garments?

1. NABL certified

National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration for laboratories (NABL) provides accreditation for quality consciousness in testing centers and laboratories. The recognition of laboratory accreditation from NABL is designed in accordance with the international media. JECLIN garment is validated and tested in NABL which makes it safe, valued and trusted.

2. Standardized size

Over the years of experience and knowledge, research says individual sizes for different operators in bulk orders usually result in wrong sizing and thus, delay in the flow of operations. Keeping this in mind, we have manufactured JECLIN in standardized size to suit regular specifications and avoid long delivery and wrong sizing.

3. Checks conducted

From protecting from contamination to protecting workers from hazardous chemicals, JECLIN serves an excellent cleanroom performance along with a pleasant experience for the wearer. There are various tests conducted on the garment such as washing ( Above 60° C ) of Autoclave Cycle, water absorbency of fabric, blend % of the fabric, tensile at high strength – strip, tearing strength of the fabric, the air permeability of fabric, zipper strength of the fabric and many more.


  1. Reusable garments are made to last for multiple uses.
  2. They are made from monofilament polyester material which is fully recyclable.
  3. They provide maximum comfort to the operator and minimum impact on the environment.
  4. Reusable garments are the most cost-effective option covering longer duration and durability.

With years of experience and expertise, we understand the investment and quality involved in cleanroom attire. To understand other specifications, qualities and benefits of JECLIN, Please feel free to contact us and seek our expert assistance.

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